Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Today we celebrated veteran's day. I took my little guys to the veteran's day parade downtown. I believe this is the first veteran's day parade I have ever been to. It was very nice.
Our little guys love to sing. They can sing the National Anthem. All the way thru. Yeah, that's right. I love to hear it. They can also sing This land is your land, God bless America, and It's a Grand Ole Flag. We are patriotic. We love the fourth of July.We love America too. Our area of the country is heavily into defending America. We believe in it. God bless America. America bless God.
Thomas and Cooper had been to parades before, but this was little David's first parade. It lasted about an hour and a half. They loved every minute of it. There were lots of army guys (as my little guys call them).There were lots of bands.

Ole timey cars.

Lots of veterans with their families. The gentlemen in the bottom photo were sitting next to us. They are cousins. They both served in Viet Nam. The gentleman on the right was interviewed by the local tv station. He and his four brothers all served in Viet Nam. All returned alive.
I had a nice conversation with the one on the left. I told him my uncle Nicki served in Viet Nam. I recalled to him the day my uncle returned home from the war. I was only 5 or 6, but I remember it vividly. He was very young, probably 18 or 19. He was very thin and he had very dark circles under his eyes. I remember my momma just fell apart when she saw him. Oh happy day.

One very special veteran was sitting next to me also. Pa Ray. He is the father of one of my dearest, best friends, Juju.

There were lots of military vehicles there.

...and lots of military folks. They were all chanting different marching tunes. I love to listen to them.

More bands. I love the reflection of the crowd on his instrument.

It was an added blessing to have Pa Ray and Juju there. Pa Ray is a veteran. Next year I will be taking my daddy, also a veteran. You can read about my family of veterans on my momma's blog. It is www.surfergrandma.blogspot.comBlessings Memaw Barbie
God Bless America and all our veterans


~~ said...

Thanks for sharing your day...I cherish every one of your posts..I decided to share "my day" on my yesterday took pictures of things going on here.
Love you and see you soon.

Juju said...

oh Barbie, this is great! You did a wonderful job here girlfriend. I am so glad that you got to come to the parade, and I really appreciate you taking the pictures, especially of Pa Ray! Love you honey!
p.s. do you think you might could make me a copy of this?

Maree said...

Wonderful stories and photo's...your babies are so precious!

The holiday's are a hard time to blog! I've been doing some Christmas shopping and for some reason all my annual inspections have been due....teeth, hearing, gyn, mammograms, eyes...time for a break! Nope..Thanksgiving is barreling toward me!


Love my 2 BoYs! said...

These are GREAT pictures! We were at the parade as well and had a great time, Sam loves army men too!

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