Monday, November 9, 2009

Things Cherished...

I love this old antique pie safe. I bought this when Laura was a young girl. Probably about 24 or 25 years ago. I used it in her bedroom when she was a little girl. It held her strawberry shortcake dolls, books, cabbage patch dolls, and also my sisters raggedy ann and raggedy andy books. I also used it in my salon to hold retail items. It held Aveda shampoos, conditioners and skin care products as well.
It now holds my scripture dinnerware. Each place setting has different scripture on it.
I love it in my dining room.
I bought this stained glass in Gatlinburgh, Tennessee. It was during a trip we took with some of our best friends, Kay and Eddie. It was a great weekend.

In fact, I absolutly love my whole dining room. It holds alot of special memories for me.

One of my favorite treasures is the table. It belonged to my mom and dad. We used it when I was growing up in family of 7. Before we got this table we all sat around a very small round formica top table. I think it only came with four chairs. My mom and dad knew how to improvise. I can imagine my mom and dad were very excited to move up to a table that would accomodate the entire family.
These pictures were taken at various times thru the years at this very table. The top picture is of my little brother Eddie and little sis Nicki. It was taken in 1966. I think we lived in Texas then. The second set of pictures on the bottom was when mom and dad lived in Chicago. That little girl is Laura (my daughter) probably about 1986. The last set of photos on the top was taken when mom and dad lived in Plano, Texas.
The very bottom picture was shortly after we moved into our current home, 2005.
We have certainly had some good times around this table.
My older brother always said this table was going to be his one day. He doesn't really have enough room at his house so he said I could have it. Thanks Herk.

Eddie and Nicki

Eddie and me only 3 years before I married!! 1972.

This is my dinnerware. It makes for a beautiful table. We sell it at our salon/gift shop. There are a total of 20 different place settings. Each one is a different subject. Faith, Salvation, Praise, Love, Grace, Peace.....
Each place setting has scripture based on its subject, so when you set your table each individual piece of china has a different scripture. Isn't that awesome. It's called "Feed on the Word" scripture dinnerware. You can find it online also.
It is a great way to spread God's word everyday.

One of my favorite things in the whole word is to cook and gather with loved ones to share a meal. I especially enjoy it on Sunday's after church.
Oh....the fellow is coming tomorrow to give us an estimate on taking some trees down to start mom and dad's house. The architect is finishing up the blueprints too. We're on our way.
Blessings Memaw Barbie


~~ said...

Oh how I enjoyed seeing some of your "beautiful things" again..This is a lovely post...
you're amazing...findng the time to do your blog along with all else that you do!!!

we're another day closer .....

Laura said...

What beautiful pieces of furniture- all tied up with my memories. That is the best kind, isn't it?

Enjoyed visiting,

Maree said...

Wow..I loved every minute of looking at your blog today! YOU are the one that is God's girl!;-)LOVE your dinnerware!

Your dining room is so full of comfort, joy and love...the journey of your cupboard and table..priceless~~

This is what is so cool about blogging! Such a blessing every time I come to visit your blog!

Karen said...

I got so teary-eyed reading about your family table and all of the emotions and memories attached to it. I have a table with the same sort of memories. You've given me an idea for a future posting.
I really enjoy your blog! AND love, love, love your hair! ;-)
Ladybug Creek

Leigh Ann said...

Love your dining room too. Having your parents table is such a treasure. Looking foward to watching the cabin being built!
Leigh Ann

Juju said...

And that is just the way I feel, and so many others must feel when we are in your home, so welcomed, so loved! Thanks for sharing this, once again an amazing blog post! Love you

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