Saturday, July 24, 2010


We have a new tomatoe harvester at our house. He wasn't so sure about the spiders that sometimes grow around the plants, but he persevered and filled our basket full. We have eaten tomatoe sandwiches almost everyday. I love them on toasted bread, with mayo and salt and pepper. Yummy!

I still have quite a few cans of diced tomatoes from last summer so I decided to try my hand at tomatoe juice. Dave loves tomatoe juice. So does my momma. I will make more hopefully tomorrow.
Memaw Barbie


Charlene said...

I'm loving your tomato crop! Even Bobby has tried a tomato sandwich ...and liked it...and he's not been a "tomato eater" in the past..always removes them from a hamburger or sandwich when eating out...
Love you,

Judi said...

Look at your tomatoes! Wow. Nothing better than to use fresh out of the garden for preserving and cooking. Yummy. I have never made tomato must be delicious! Your little guys are so precious...
It was so nice to have you visit...
In answer to your question yes I will be selling the teapot herb gardens.

I have been selling the lamps as well. When I have them ready I will let you can take a look.

Have a wonderful day..

Judi said...

Hi Meemaw

I have completed and put up some One-Cup Teapot Herb garden planters in my pinkdaisies Etsy shop now if you are interested in taking a look.

The address is or if you are in my site it is in the side bar.

If you take a look and have any questions please do contact me.

Hope you are having a really nice day.

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