Sunday, October 18, 2009

October Days...

Yesterday we loaded up in the van and headed up thru the hills of Tennessee to Bell Buckle. There's this huge arts and craft show there every year in October. It started out as a fund raiser for the Webb School and has grown to encompass the entire town. (which is pretty small). There are over 500 crafters there. Scattered amongst them are retailers also, but mostly there are new crafts. It was really cold, so we bundled up really well. It has been raining a good bit here, so we were expecting some mud. I would like to know how many bales of hay they spread at the craft show. It was very little mud, because they were well prepared with the hay. It was cloudy but still a very nice day to be outside. Some of these pictures I got off the internet (because I forgot to take my camera. I believe this was from last year.
The ride up there is beautiful. You see alot of these.

There are alot of horse farms up in that area too. There must be alot of money in walking horses and quarter horses, because these farms are HUGE!!

We had hot chocolate when we got home. Cooper says "It's yummy to my tummy"

It was good after being outdoors for the day

The best part is the whipping cream.

Another blessed day.
Blessings Memaw Barbie

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surfergrandma said...

So looking forward to when we move to Al....and we can enjoy many of those fun times with you and yours.
This post reminded me of a similar place we went to with you years ago...I think I purchased a couple of small quilts that day...I still have Eddie's.

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