Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Fall Days

The kitchen is my favorite place to be when I am off work. My boys love it too. We decided to make chicken and dumplins, only we used leftover turkey. It was good! We also made an apple caramel cake. Oh my gosh!!! It was like eating a caramel apple in a bowl. We loved it. I love me some rich sweets. The boys love to add the ingredients so here we go....
Cooper added the eggs... David added the milk and off we went.
They love to watch the mixer. I am really careful to watch them for fear their little fingers will venture inside the bowl. David started toward the apple pieces, but I hollered (scared him to death) and he withdrew his hand immediatly. Close call, but I always stay right with them when it is on.

After we put the cake in the oven we headed outside to collect leaves in our little buckets. It was really nice outside. The leaves are just starting to change colors and a few have fallen, but not many. Just a good opportunity to get them away from the tv and out of the house for fresh air. It was too muddy to play out back. We have had lots of rain here.

I bought glue sticks this weekend so Thomas had a hayday with his leaves.

Good dumplins Memaw!

Good to the last bite.
Another day to be thankful for. Thankful for family. Thankful that daddy is home with momma. Daddy has his mri on Friday. They probably won't hear anything for several days about it. It should tell them if the cancer is gone. Pray with us for good results.
Blessings Memaw Barbie


Love my 2 BoYs! said...

ALways love seeing what fun things you and the boys are up to!!
I sent you a message on FB about the website i use for my pics!!
Love ya and see ya soon :)


surfergrandma said...

Seeing the pictures and hearing from you about the day is almost like being there!...but not quite.
After stimulation to his throat today by his therapist your dad was able to swallow small drops of water!!! He was encouraged...PTL

Maree said...

Awesome photo's...your grandkids are so darn cute!

We are having a lot of rain again but have been able to get out and enjoy fall anyway.

Keeping your dad in my too. Baby steps I know, but sounds like he's making good progress.


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