Saturday, September 12, 2009

Catching up on the week...log houses.

What do ya think about this floor plan? Reversed.
I found this house plan. It has 960 square feet. I love the windows on the side of the house. The ceilings are vaulted and the den,dining area, and kitchen are all open. It is a good plan. I would reverse the house so the windows on the side would face our house and the creek. There is a back porch that I think would look prettier and be more functional on the front of it. What do ya think?

I have been back to Dallas to visit family. Dad has been off the ventilator, but he has a tracheotomy now. He is being weaned off the respirator. It is a very slow process, but he is doing well with it. He is in a hospital that specializes in getting people off ventilators and respirators. He gets respiratory therapy, speech therapy and physical therapy everyday. They have moved him from icu to the main floor. He is in a high observation room (close to the nurses station). They have put a bed in there for momma. I am so glad she can stay with him. It is helpful for both of them. We pray for strength daily for both my parents. It has been a really long summer for them. Dave drove me out there last weekend. We came home on Tuesday evening. I hope to go back this weekend, but not sure yet. It may be the first of October before I get back. My brothers and sister go often to visit. They take momma out to dinner. Sometimes Mom will go to WalMart or Target to replenish the things they need, but she is always anxious to get back to daddy. They are taking good care of him.

I brought the boys back these basketball outfits. They love new clothes. They put them on immediatly. Of course we had to take some photos.

I think Thomas is instructing them on how to stand for the photos. I love the expression on Cooper's face.

I took this picture a week ago when Cooper spent the night. I loved his little praying hands.

Blessings Memaw Barbie

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Maree said...

I LOVE that cabin!! Perfect all thE way around.... great flow.

Those boys are so darn cute! Those outfits are adorable...spoil away Memaw!! ;-)

I keep all of you in my prayers!

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