Sunday, August 23, 2009

Update on Daddy

The dr. was very encouraging this am. He feels like they can get Daddy off the ventilator in the morning. They will gradually wean him off of it. He said they could do it today(Sunday) but felt it would be safer to do it when the hospital has a full staff. I guess alot of the docs do not come in on Sunday. If Dad's throat swells up or has any kind of a problem they will have to have another airway(probably a tracheotomy). His nurse today said that alot of people have to have trachs and he could even go home with one, but that will probably not happen, just an option if there is any kind of a problem.
Baylor hospital has been really good. We feel like he is getting excellent care and the staff are so kind and helpful to us. He is in icu and we are allowed to stay all day (except for a 2 hour staff change time am and pm). It is helpful to be in the room with him. I don't know if he can hear us, but the nurse said he might be able to. They have decreased his sedation a fraction so maybe he can hear us. We have no indication if he can or not.
Please pray that his throat will not close up tomorrow and he will be able to breathe on his own. Blessings Memaw Barbie

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Maree said...

Late getting on the computer this morning and just now saw your post...still prayin for everyone.

I was thinking about you and your mom and how hard that part praying for extra blessing for you two.

God Bless!

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