Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Precious, just precious

Dad has a pretty good day today. He was able to sleep for a few hours at a time. Momma called me and put the phone up to his mouth so I could hear him snore. It was music to my ears. Physical Therapy came to his room and helped him get out of the bed. He was able to walk to the nurses station and back with a walker. That was great to know.
We covet your prayers. He still has svt ( very rapid heartbeat) but they have been able to control it with medication.

I sure missed my boys while I was gone. I got to see Cooper and Thomas today briefly. Laura brought them by the shop for a few minutes before school. Hopefully I will see little David tomorrow.

Is there anything sweeter than this picture?
Blessing Memaw Barbie


surfergrandma said...

No...there is absolutely nothing more precious...

Maree said...

Love those boys! Cuter than cute! I know you missed them bunches...

I'm going to disappear a the fam coming. Cooking, cleaning, shopping, planning and most important playing. Think some of us are going up to Ikea tomorrow morning in West Chester, Ohio.

Just wanted you to know that you all are in my prayers and thoughts.


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