Sunday, August 30, 2009


Yesterday ( saturday ) was a rough day for my daddy. His airway closed up and he had to be intubated (with a ventilator) again. It was a black day for our family. We had a family conference with his doctor today (they had it on speaker phone and the doc talked to all of us). I feel much more positive today.
Monday when they removed the ventilator he did really well. He was good Tuesday also. I left on Tuesday to come home. We felt really good about his progress, but there were some changes beginning Thursday morning. He began talking different, more agitated and upset and saying things that were out of character for him, confusion etc. This happened the last time he was in the hospital and it was due to some of the meds he was given. We were adament that he not receive these meds again, so we are confused as to why this sudden change. His airway began closing on Saturday and the docs waited as long as possible to re-tube him, but had to by Saturday about lunchtime. We were devastated.
The doctor believes his confusion and agitation might be due to his lack of oxygen. Somethings they are just not sure about, but they did say he was only receiving the same meds he has had all week. They did a cat scan to rule out a stroke. So far so good, but they did say when they re-tubed him there was an obstruction in the airway. They don't know what it is for sure, but do not feel it is the cancer or a tumor. After confering with the other doctors they believe the obstruction is inflammation. So they feel he needs to be on a temporary tracheostomy. They will perform that mid-week more than likely. The trach will go below the obstruction and it is reversable. They also said this is not like a regular tracheotomy that head, neck injuries require. It will be put it in his neck below the obstruction and then remove the ventilator tube. It will give him a clear airway so the swelling can go down in his throat. They feel he will be able to recover from this set back. The docs keep telling us Daddy has made great progress and they feel very good about this. They said the vocal chords and bronchial area looks very much improved from ten days ago when he was brought in.
This has been an emotional roller coaster for all of us.
I have peace with my Daddy's salvation. He is a strong christian and has a deep faith in God and in Jesus Christ. I will have peace no matter when my Daddy goes to be with the Lord.
Dad is doing everything in his power to make this cancer, treatments, and all that goes with it as easy as he can for us. His concern has always been our welfare. He has told all of us he is thankful for the good life that he has had. He wants us to be thankful and he also told us not to be greedy....but I admit I am greedy. I want a few more years. I want more years for my mother as well.
All of my adult life I have lived about a 12 hour drive from my folks. We have been blessed to be able to see one another often, but how much is enough? They have always made the effort to drive to Alabama to be with us and we have been more able to go to them in recent years. I have been 5 times since the end of May. But again how much is enough? Is it ever enough.
My mom and dad decided a few months ago that when Dad gets well they are going to move here to be close to my family. I cannot describe to you the excitement and joy that brings me. It is an answered prayer. Momma and I have talked and we both had the same thing in mind. We want to build daddy a log cabin. He has always said he would be happy in a shack in the woods!!! We have a small bit of property next to our house that we can build it on. There are woods on it, and the creek runs along the bottom of the property. It is really pretty and my Daddy loves the view. We have ducks, geese, deer, squirrels and there are beaver in the creek too. I pray that he gets well enough to move here. Wednesday when dad was feeling better Momma told him our idea. She called and said "Barbara, you should have seen the look on his face!! It was priceless. He was so excited." So I am greedy, I want a few more years, good years for my mom and dad. That is my prayer.
I am thankful for the years that we have had, and will trust God that whatever is his will, I will accept. I pray for strength for all my family every day, day by day. Please pray with me for that strength.
Blessings Memaw Barbie


surfergrandma said...

I loved reading this post honey...Nick and I came over to Eddies to stay 'til 8 when we can go back in your Dads room.
Befor I left I asked him to squeze my hand...and he did!!! Real hard.
David Shields came by the hospital today...haven't seen him in years...Chris and Mark were also there.
Love you,

Leigh Ann said...

Praying for you and your parents! It would be wonderful to have them build a little cabin on your property! My mother-in-law just moved in with us yesterday!
Leigh Ann

Maree said...

Oh my, you are a sweetheart! What a comfort you must be to your mom...

Keeping you all in my heart and prayers.

That cabin sounds heavenly!

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