Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Five years ago I never dreamed of the joy that grandchildren could bring. Each time I get to spend the day with them before they leave I am already anticipating when they will be back. I am never really ready for them to go home. Bone tired from playing with three small children, but never ready for them to leave.

When Laura told me 6 years ago that she was pregnant I knew right away I wanted to keep that baby at least one day a week. She did not believe me, because I am quite a workaholic. I rarely ever took a day off for any reason.

I immediatly marked my book off the one day a week beginning the first or March 2004. She still didn't believe me....but lo and behold I did and I have done it for five years now. Every Tuesday or Wednesday ( she and I work together so we alternate that day off) I have the entire day to spend with my boys. I have three little boys now. It wasn't too hard with just Thomas and then came along two the same time...born less than 24 hours apart!!!!! I began keeping them when their momma's went back to work too. What a joy. I could not have done it without the help of my good friend Becky. She came over every week on that day and stayed with me and rocked, fed bottles, changed diapers, and whatever else we needed done.

I cannot believe Thomas will be starting kindegarten next week. The three year olds will go to preschool three days a week for 4 hours each that means I will only have them a few hours on that day off now. It has gone by far too quickly, but I will be getting another grandbaby the end of January. What a joy. I am so thankful my children are here so that we can take advantage of this time.

Today was the last day (until Christmas break) that we had all day together. :(

It was a good day. I had them all spend the night last night. Sandy came over this morning and after breakfast we headed to town. We ate lunch and went to the outdoor shopping area. We rode the carousel and played in the water. When we got home we napped ( I cut the grass) and cooked spaghetti supper. We had a going back to school party. My best friends were all here. It was a great day. The house is very quiet now, but I still hear those little voices calling "Memaw Memaw Memaw " What a sweet sound.

Blessings Memaw Barbie


Maree said...

I hear you loud and clear...I feel the same way. Aren't you glad you took that time to be with those sweet boys...priceless!

I kept Leah 3 days a week for a year and a half when she came from China. Those years flew by!

You sure are a great MeMaw!!

Love my 2 BoYs! said...

Ive said this before and will say it again!! You are such a GREAT MeMaw!! and those boys are gonna have the greatest memories!! I think about all the memories I have with my PawPaw and MawMaw and I wouldnt trade them for ANYTHING!!

Love ya~Jenn

surfergrandma said...

Ditto to above comments ...
I think perhaps only other grandmothers can really know and share the feelings you express regarding "your boys".
Love you, Momma

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