Wednesday, March 4, 2009

We played outside for a few hours today. The weather was very nice. We all had on jackets, but it was really mild.
I hope these boys always enjoy being together. I wonder where their lives will take them. I wonder if they will remain close. They are so sweet to watch. When they get to my house on the morning that I keep them, they are so excited to see one another. They run to each other and hug. David is not as loving as Cooper, but when he is here without Thomas and Cooper he asks for them. He wants them to be here with him.
David will go to a different school than Thomas and Cooper. I imagine they will make other friends and be involed in different activities as the years go. It makes me a little melancholy, so I will enjoy today and hope for tomorrow another good day. Blessings Memaw Barbie

Aren't they beautiful!!!


surfergrandma said...

Yes, they are beautiful...and yes, they will be close all their lives...because of your efforts and because of the love for your family that you have and demonstrate to them..
Love Momma

surfergrandma said... your song selection..:)

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