Monday, March 9, 2009

David and I started a new project. We built a little retaining wall to make a flowerbed in our front yard. We still have to till up the grass. I have 3 knockout roses to plant in here and also a Nandina bush. I hope to finish it on Tuesday.
When we finished that project we planted 3 more azalias in our azalia bed. I think we have 17 now. We did have about 27, but lost several years ago. We add a few more every year. We raked about 3 trailer loads of leaves from them too.

We raked the leaves away from Merr's iris bed. We still have to have that huge tree root removed, but we have to rent a bulldozer for that project.

Thomas and Cooper think the retaining wall is a new outside toy!!!

The guys rode the go-kart. It was almost dark, but really pleasant outside.

The boys played on the swingset.....

and we jumped on the trampoline.

The moon was really pretty. We layed on the trampoline and took these pictures.
Blessings Memaw Barbie

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surfergrandma said...

love the pictures Barb...and your new flower's not like you have enough to keep clean :)

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