Friday, October 31, 2008

Tonight was a great night to walk the neighborhood for trick or treating. It has been a long time since we went door to door on Halloween. We have participated in Trunk or Treat at our church for the last several years, but decided to take the kids thru the neighborhood this year.

One of my favorite memories of Halloween with my children was having chili dogs for supper every year. Usually Bubba and Jana (our next door neighbors) would eat with us that night. Usually it was my kids eating dinner with them!!! I was always working, but would take off a little early on Halloween to be able to take them around the neighborhood. This year we decided to have chili dogs again. We made more memories with good friends. What fun.
Maggie made spiderweb cookies and shared with us. They looked great and tasted great too. They were so cute and the kids thought they were really cool.

One of our little spooks this year was little Georgia. She was a pink princess, but she told everyone she was Tinkerbell.

Then we had Disco Dave and the birthday boy Jason (who turns the big 3 0 on Saturday) He was looking good!!!

Power Ranger Thomas and of course Arial the Little Mermaid.

Our neighborhood really goes all out for Halloween. One of our neighbors had a haunted house. The line was really long to that porch. One of our neighbors had a coffin in their front yard and several people had smoke machines. Tractors with trailers behind them fill the streets. It is quite an event.

These folks had about 8 or 9 pumkins with elaborate carvings on them.

Getting more loot.

Spiderman and a spider.

The incredible Hulk and Maggie.

It is so good when all your children are together. What a blessing.


Charlene said...

loved seeing the pictures...we did no "trick or treating" here..I missed that. Steph picked the boys up early..Bob has taken care of them for the most part this week

Anonymous said...

do you really have your nose pierced? what are you lke 60?

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