Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Dad's Birthday

Rusty's Jalapeno bites are great. I don't know who ate more me or Eddie!!!

Dad's favorites. Beans, Greens, and Cornbread. ( I had to have one of Karen's famous yeast rolls!!!!) YUUUUUUUMY!!

Rusty and Kristy have a beautiful

I got yo O I got yo O I got yo O!!!

The kids even got to swim! What a treat in October.

What a great weekend! We celebrated my dad's birthday on Sunday. Kristy and Rusty were so gracious to host the event at their house. They are both wonderful cooks and cooked Daddy's favorite meal. Beans, greens, and cornbread. That's what he orders anytime he goes to the Cracker Barrel. How sweet of them to remember. I haven't had greens that good since Merr made them last. Karen's yeast rolls are awesome. We had some for breakfast on Monday morning.

What a blessing to get to visit with family. Laura and her sweet bunch spent the weekend with us. I missed Heather, but did get to see Gabriel for a little while. Eddie's boys were out of school a day or two. They are getting so big.

We all relaxed outside by the pool. It was a great weekend.

Can't wait for our next trip. Happy, happy birthday Daddy
Blessings Memaw Barbie


Juju said...

Your family looks like they all had a wonderful time. Boy do kids ever grow up fast! I am so glad that you got to go and spend this great celebration together. I know the older I get, the more precious these times with family and friends seem.
Love you Barbie:)

suzanne said...

HI there , i enjoyed reading your blog. And that food, well i want to come over for dinner! Yummy!

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