Thursday, October 9, 2008

Busy, Busy, Busy

Never too busy to teach a little one about God.
A pictures says alot doesn't it!! Thank you for my sweet son-in-law. He feels like my own.

Life is so so busy right now. Busy, but good. One way I slow down is to read the blogsites that I follow, and to write on this one.

One bright spot in my day was supper. We eat at the local Mexican resturant every Thursday night. My children, grandchildren, husband, sister-in-law and my best friends usually are there. We were slim tonight, but still got to visit with Lorie and Juju after dinner. They are always a bright spot for me. Of course working with my daughter is always a joy. Can you imagine getting to spend most every day with your grown children. I count my blessing daily for our closeness. It is wonderful!!!

Looking forward to Pizza with the family tomorrow night!!! We eat out on Fridays too. We are such creatures of habit. No matter how busy, or tired we are, we make time for this ritual every week.

Blessings Memaw Barbie

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Charlene said...

What a wonderful picture....Jason and the boys....thanks so much for spending your valuable time to share these things with us..

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