Friday, January 1, 2010

Our baby could possibly be here anyday now. Mamas is not due until Jan 31, but she has been put on medication to keep her from going into labor. She has been on it about 4 weeks now. They have given her steroid injections also to help Caramia Louisa's lungs develop also. Mamas had those injections when she was carrying Little David too. Hopefully she will wait a few weeks to get here. We are anxiously anticipating our little girl! We have had family here this week. It has been great. I hated to see them go. As you can see we are a house divided (We have the TEXAS LONGHORNS represented here)....

and in this corner we have the TENNESSEE VOLUNTEERS and the ALABAMA CRIMSON TIDE ( who is currently the SEC CHAMPIONS ) Next Thursday night will be lively at my house. Laura, Jason and I will be for the LONGHORNS and my husband and son will be for ALABAMA. It will be an exciting game no doubt.

Christmas Eve was our family night. Little David got to open his presents first. Then Cooper, then Thomas and then the adults.

Thomas has lost his first 2 teeth. I pulled the first one and Meme Peete (my momma) pulled his second one. They look so different when their big boy teeth come in don't they.

They are coming right along with Mom and Dad's little cottage. You can follow the progress on her new

Blessings Memaw Barbie


Love my 2 BoYs! said...

LOved seeing all the pics!! Happy New Year!!

Maree said...

Wow! Are you a busy or what!?!

A baby GIRL!!! Soon and very soon! You are one blessed Memaw!;-)

Loved all your photo's...everyone!

I keep you in my prayers....

Leigh Ann said...

Happy New Year! I'm sure it'll be so exciting with your folks there and a new baby to snuggle! :)
Leigh Ann

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