Wednesday, December 2, 2009

That was then...this is now...

These are last years Christmas pictures. I love to take the boys to have our pictures made together. We have done it twice a year since they were born. They are really comfortable with the camera. They look forward to it. We always do Christmas pics, and birthday pics in March or April. We usually take our own props. Last year I took our little porceline Nativity set. I have always allowed them to have a set to play with. I keep a small set out year round. They are very familiar with the Christmas Story. Thomas likes for me to take fabric pieces and make him a shepherd costume. He hasn't asked this year, but I bet he will before the season's over.

Little David
Memaw and her boys


I thought it would be fun to compare last years photos with this here are the pictures from this year. We went Tuesday afternoon. I checked Thomas out of school a little early to try and beat the crowds. It worked, there was no one ahead of us so we didn't have to wait. I love it when a plan comes together.
Cooper is holding our prop in the photo below. It is a snowman with lighted antlers. When you squeeze his hand he wiggles and sings let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.
When I got our Christmas boxes out of the attic last week I was so excited when I found him. I called the boys and let them hear the snowman singing on the phone. Thomas and Cooper remembered him and squeeled. It was a moment to remember. Laura said "you're crazy momma" I texted her back, "you just now figuring that one out?"
It was funny.

There's our snowman again. They had to take turns holding him. He's missing an ear muff. No clue what happened to it.
Not the best picture here, but I loved it that all the boys laughed and had a good time. The photographer really had them giggling.

Thomas sure does love his brother and cousin. He calls Cooper "Bubby" and little David calls Cooper that too. Little David thinks they are his brothers!!! When we past by Thomas's school one day, Little David said" there's our Bubby's school!!" Such a blessing we live close together.
This one might be my favorite.
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Maree said...

What a fun post...those boys are so darn cute! You are too...;-)

Just imagine next year with that little princess in there with those boys!

Kate and Leah really kind of hate having their pictures taken, so we almost have to sneak them...Sis gets them to pose every once in a while thank goodness!


Leigh Ann said...

Love you pictures of you and your boys. I think when I become a Gramma someday I might have to borrow your idea!
Thanks for your sweet comment you left on Jess's birthday!
Leigh Ann

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