Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Barb's house

I have really enjoyed this bedroom. There are alot of items in this room that have been gifts from loved ones.....Several of the pillows on the bed were handmade by one of my dearest friends Becky.
My mother bought this for me at the place where the precious moments company is located. I think it is somewhere outside of Branson, Missouri.

The hat was a gift from a client and the stockings were given to me by one of my best friends Juju...

My momma cross-stitched this when my children were babies. it is a treasure...

Mrs. Kenneys old chair. I bought this ugly chatty cathy doll at the Nashville flea market. I had one when I was a little girl. I have her glasses put away...the pillow I made for Laura and Ben when they were little.

I really love this bedroom. The bed belonged to my grandmother. The pictures to the right of my bed were given to me by a dear friend,Mrs. Kenney. She was one of my first clients about thirty years ago. She had written a book and the prints were illustrations from her book. I also have an old upholstered chair in there that she had given me. My brother Herk gave me money for my birthday years ago and I bought the lamp at an antique store with my birthday money. I have Laura's wedding dress hanging on the closet door in this room. The time has come to store some of these things and move on to another day....... I have decided to make this room for the grandsons. My momma has always had a playroom for her grandchildren, and it has been well used thru the years. My children really enjoyed it when they were little and now my grandchildren love it. Since my parents moved into an apartment they don't have an extra bedroom to use for a playroom. Momma still has an area in her kitchen pantry that the kids can call their own. She has kept a few of the items they love to play with. In keeping with my mothers playroom tradition, I decided to follow her lead. I bought two twin beds and a little tikes basketball goal for our new playroom. I have to move out a dresser from that room and put up the other twin bed, but Little David already loves it. Check it out...

The quilt on the bed was Ben's when he was a little boy. The edges are really frayed, but it is soft and warm and brings back good memories. I love it. I will post more pictures as the room comes together.
Blessings Memaw Barbie


Love my 2 BoYs! said...

Awh... Barbara that is too sweet. What great memories you have in that room. But what awesome new ones you will make!! The boys will love it and Im sure treasure it forever. Cant wait to see more pictures of how it all comes together :)

Maree said...

Love the stockings...I used to display a pair of pink leather gloves...gotta hunt them up again.

I have a bedroom for the grandkids here. When Sam was here last month I overheard a conversation with him and Leah about Sam going to his bedroom...she quickly informed him, "You know, it's my bedroom too!" 4 year olds!

Their new room is awesome!

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