Thursday, May 28, 2009

Thomas and Bella......they loved picking strawberries... Cooper didn't like getting dirt in his shoes......

David was afraid of the strawberry plants, but finally did pick a few....
and on the way home Cooper said "Memaw, I don't ever, ever , ever, never, ever never want to pick strawberries again!!!
We got 13 jars of freezer jelly, and three quart bags about halfway full of frozen berries. They will be good on hot biscuits this winter.
Blessings Memaw Barbie


surfergrandma said...

Ummmmm..look good enough to eat :)
...just spotted the slide show below of Coopers birthday...don't know how I missed it earlier...must have been one of "those" days...I love making those shows...just takes a bit more time than you have to spare, I'm sure...
Love you,

Maree said...

I've been wanting to go pick some strawberries and make freezer jelly! Maybe I can talk Dick into going with me...don't have one single grand baby around!

Hugs and prayers!

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