Monday, April 20, 2009

Friday night was prom at our local High School. Our salon has a really fun day with all those excited, beautiful girls there. I will post pictures of some of our work later, but wanted to share these with you today. Most of these are from 96 or 97. They are my children's prom years.
Kristen is one of Laura's close friends. She is a college graduate and married to Charlie.
This was for a wedding I believe. We did all the attendant and bride exactly alike. They were really pretty.

Whitney is about to graduate from the University of Alabama.

Ruth Anne is now married with one child. She is also a stylist!!!

Ruth Ann again. She was always a fun client and would let me experiment with her updo. another pretty Ruth Ann updo.....

Jennifer is married with two children......
Laura and Cissy.......
Kristy got her degree...worked in the test kitchen of Southern Living magazine, is now married with one child.....Amanda is married with a child also...

Melissa and Ramey are married and have 2 children....
Laura and Jason went on to college and married while still in college. Jason got his degree in only 4 years. His degree is in athletic training and Laura got hers in cosmetology. They have done very well for themselves. We are very proud of them. They have 2 children.

Chad and Jennifer are married with a little boy, Sam. He plays t-ball with Laura and Jason's boy Thomas. It is really cool to sit in the bleachers where I sat when their parents played ball.

Julie and Jason married while still in school. I think Julie was only a junior. She finished school and then she got her dental hygiene license. They now have 2 children. I am really proud of them, they have done very well.

Blessings Memaw Barbie


Maree said...


My daughter Melissa and I would always go downtown Lexington on Prom nights when she was a little girl to see all the hairdo's and prom fashions...great memories!

Must be so much fun to be in the middle of all that excitement!

Somehow missed the great photos of the boys...great idea...I gotta do a better job. Thanks for the inspiration!

surfergrandma said...

They are all beautiful...I'll post some of these on the salon website...will add some of the current years when you can get them to me...
Love, momma

Love my 2 BoYs! said...

It was fun looking back at those pictures! I havent seen that one of Chad and I in a long time, we look like kids.... guess we were huh?? Cant wait to show Chad, he's gonna love you!!!


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