Saturday, February 21, 2009

Today David and I drove to Tennessee to McMinnville. It is the nursery capital of the world they say. We went to buy trees. I have wanted a Heritage Birch tree for several years. I also wanted Magnolia. So off we went.
The ride was really nice. It seems as if you are stepping back in time when you travel thru those small towns. It seems like a slower pace up there. We rode thru Lynchburg, Tullahoma, Manchester and then McMinnville. McMinnville is beautiful. It is very hilly and the Cumberland River flows thru the city. There were some beautiful homes along the river.
My battery had died on my camera so I couldn't get pictures. When we did get to the nursery I asked the folks could I plug up my battery to recharge. They were so kind to let me do that. It was family owned nursery. They were real friendly folks. His name was Teddy Alley. He introduced me to his wife who took me into their home to recharge my camera battery. He then took us in his truck around his farm to see what they grew. They farm about 250 acres thru the rolling hills there by their home. It was very interesting. We bought 2 Heritage Birch, 1 magnolia and a smoke tree. David is to pick them up next week sometime.
I was able to take some photos on the way back home. Most of them we were riding in the truck so they are not really as clear as if we were standing still. I love all the old homesite so you will see several of them. It is beautiful along the basin of the Cumberland Plateau. Lots of hills and creeks along the way. I hope to get more pictures next week.
We stopped in Tullahoma to eat at Crocketts. We enjoy a good meal there. My daddy loves to go there as well. We will probably go back when he and Momma are here in a few weeks.
Have a super sunday. Blessings Memaw Barbie

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