Monday, February 16, 2009

Sunday afternoon

We were thankful for fairly nice weather on Sunday. We had lost a really big tree during the storms this past wednesday. I think it might be a white oak tree. It fell in between the trampoline and Merr's iris patch. We dug iris bulbs up from Merr's house after she passed away. We bought a concrete angel to put with her irises and always think of her when we look that way. We also have her little tikes chair that she used when she picked from her garden. Amazingly the tree just laid about 2 inches above the bulbs that had just begun to peek above the ground. You can see in a few of the pictures it did no harm to them at all. Even the angel was safe by only a very few inches.

Ben and Toby were kind enough to cut the tree up for us. It took most of the afternoon. We have somebody coming to pick up the wood in a day or two.

While we were outside we had a very nice surprise. Tony and Carol pulled into the driveway from Arkansas. They were on their way to Knoxville to see the Lady Vols play. We enjoyed spending some time together with them. Hope to see them again in March.

Blessings Memaw Barbie

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