Monday, February 23, 2009

The Rolling Hills of Tennessee

We headed back to Mcminnville today to pick up our trees. I love the scenery, so here are a few more pics of our trip. I love all the old barns.
This is part of the Jack Daniels distillery. It is a very interesting tour. It's kind of funny, the distiller is in Moore County Tennesse which is a dry county!

These large building dot the hills along Moore county. They are warehouses that house the barrels of Jack Daniel Whiskey.
I have always loved this house. It was in pretty bad shape until about 6 or 7 years ago. Someone bought it and started refurbishing it. It is really pretty now.

We took our little cowboy along with us today.

They are loading our trees in the truck. I have always wanted a magnolia.
It was quite a task getting them off the truck as we didn't have this handy little piece of machinery. Ben stayed and he and Dave got them off. I hope their backs don't give them trouble tomorrow. The magnolia weighed about 400 lbs.

More pretty scenery.
The Elk River.
It was a very nice day. We got two Heritage Birch trees which will go out in the front yard, one magnolia ( it will go between the house and the detached garage), a smoke tree, on the right side of the house by the garage, a red bud and a serviceberry tree which are out back. Hope we can get them in the ground this week. More elbow grease!!
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