Sunday, January 4, 2009

January bliss

Friday was a fun day at work. Three of the girls that work at the salon are Tennesse Volunteer fans. Two of us are Alabama Crimson Tide fans. They are big rivals in SEC football. Tennessee had a losing season and Alabama only lost to Florida this year. Alabama was in the sugar bowl against Utah on Friday night in New Orleans. The Tennessee girls came to work with Utah t-shirts on friday!!! It was a riot. There was some heated discussion during the day, but it was all in fun. Take a look at these tacky shirts!!

I have had a busy week. Fun, but busy too. It has been a great week. My parents were here. Always a wonderful time. Mom and I got some good visiting in. We watched a few movies, we got to spend time at the salon together. Laura Leigh spent alot of time with us. What a joy. Dad and I got to walk a couple of times. That's one of my favorite things to do while they are here. Quality time. I don't get near enough of that. How much is enough when you are with those you enjoy. It's always hard to see them go. I am always trying to figure out when we will be together again. Hopefully I can get home in February or early March.

We had a really good day today. Our pastor, Paul had started a sermon series based on our mission statement which is "Your WAY to worship...connect...and serve. He started out saying "Worship is something you express when you have been touched by God. Worship doesn't just take place on Sunday mornings, but all during the week. When you have been touched by God you will worship in your life. When you have been touched by God you will strive to make him the center of everything you do. We worship when we first awaken in the morning, when we see our childrens faces, when our spouse smiles at us. Worship is what we do when we face adversity as well. Worship is an offering to God. What is your offering? " I am looking forward to his message on connecting and serving.

After church we went to visit a mother and her new baby at the hospital. My best friends' daughter had her third child. A beautiful baby girl. She has hree beautiful girls. Can't you see God's hands in childbirth. What a miracle. All the things that make your body work, it cannot be by happenstance. Just thinking about all that goes into how we have vision, how our eyes work is a miracle. We are thankful for a healthy baby and a normal delivery.

We got to play outside for a while this evening with Laura, Jason, Thomas and Cooper. Jason fished with Thomas and Laura and Cooper rode the go-kart. It was another good day.

Hope your week is great. Find the sweet things in life. Blessings Memaw Barbara


Charlene said...

Enjoyed reading your post and seeing the pictures...but RAP???...BARBARA !!! I had to silence that real quick.
Love you anyway... :)

Valarie Lea said...

When I saw your Moms comment, I had to turn up the speakers to hear what she was talking about. But I got to hear Clair De Lune. You may not believe me, but I love that composition, and I loved it BEFORE it was mentioned in Twilight. :)

Maree said...

You are so blessed to still have your Mom and Dad...even if they don't like your music! ;-)

Great about Lorie's new grandbaby!! So glad she was born healthy!!

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