Saturday, November 22, 2008

Girlfriends weekend !!!

I am going to wake them up!!!!

Time to decorate!!!

Okay, so every year before Christmas Lorie, Juju and I spend a weekend together. In the past we have gone to Nashville and a few times to Gatlinburgh. We usually eat out on Friday night and go to the late movie. Saturday we shop all day and I mean all day. We close out Kohls at midnight. We get almost all our Christmas shopping done on this weekend. It is a great time for us to laugh and relax. We know how to have a good time. There is nothing better than being with those that love you unconditionally.

Three years ago we spent that Friday night at my house and we were going to Nashville on Saturday morning early. It was a blessing that we did not leave on Friday. The only reason we didn't go to Nashville on Friday was because Lorie had a big project at work and we helped her to complete it on Friday night. She works for a non-profit agency and was opening up a coffee shop within that agency. They were to open on Monday morning and we made window coverings with her. They had already started cutting and sewing but were not able to get them completly done so that is what we did on Friday night. We were there til about midnight. It was really a fun time as we cut and sewed and talked and laughed.

Saturday morning my daughter called and asked us to check on her grandfather (my father-in-law). My mother-in-law had had a stroke ten days earlier and was in rehab so we were keeping an eye on Pawpaw. We could not get him to answer the phone so Lorie and Juju and I went to check on him. My brother in law lived with them at the time, but didn't answer the phone either. When we got to their house we discoverd Pawpaw in the bed not able to get up. He had had a stroke!!! We called 911 and went to the hospital. So Lorie and Juju and I spent most of the morning at the hospital.
We have spent alot of time at the hospital and rehab during the next few months. Lorie and Juju have been there with thru alot of tough times. My sweet mother-in-law has gone on to be with the Lord, my father-in-law is at the VA home now. We tried to keep him at home for close to a year, but he requires full time care.

How did i get off on all of that?? Anyway, we have had lots of good times together and my buds are always there in the tough times also. We have shared alot together. I love them both dearly and they are the first ones I call (next to my Momma) when I have good news, bad news, or need prayer.

So this year we decided we would stay here and help each other decorate our trees. I have been so excited. I decided earlier in the week to get a headstart on my tree. I got help getting the tree out of the attic and have the lights on and are ready to go!!! We will leave from my house and go to Juju and Lories to do theirs next. What fun.

Last night we went out to eat and then on to Goody's and Kohls. Kohls was open til midnight so off we went. We got back to my house about 11:30 and sat in the den talking til after 1am. So where are my buddies now? The sun is up and it is time to get going. I slept until a little before 9. I must have needed it. I think I hear them stirring. They must be up. I will post more tonight. Looking forward to a great weekend!!!! Blessings Memaw Barbie


Anonymous said...

What wonderful friends you have and if I lived near you I would definitely horn in and become one of the gals!!! You guys will have so much fun. God does bless us with wonderful friends in our life and I can't believe the friends I have made through blogging.


Valarie Lea said...

Y'all have such fun together! :)

Laurie said...

That is so much fun! My good friend and I started a tradition a few years ago to take a girl's trip to San Antonio a week weeks before Christmas and get all of our shopping done at the outlets. We shop ALL day too, and eat, and shop some more. I hope we continue the tradition for many, many years!

Hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving! I found you from a link on somebody else's blog. :)

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